Is The State of Your Digital Landscape Optimal?

Build it and they’ll come: get some social media accounts, build a website and we’re all set! Sadly it’s a lot more than that.

Unfortunately, many businesses start out like this but this unfortunately leads to crummy leads and low ROIs. Our team will look at your digital landscape– all of your online marketing efforts. The Digital Landscape Assessment will look at your current digital marketing efforts and marketing goals. This helps us pinpoint your strengths, weaknesses and against the competitive landscape of online presence.

We’ll assess whether you are on the right platforms where your target audience are likely to be. Our team at Solé will not only take a deep-dive analysis of your current digital marketing strategy to reveal any hidden opportunities and provide recommendations to optimize your efforts.


A Glimpse at Our Process

  • Have you identified your target audience?
  • Are your branding and messaging effective?
  • Do you have a blog and how is it being distributed?
  • What is your current email marketing strategy
  • Are the topics you write about on brand?
  • What is the engagement level of your posts?

Digital Landscape Assessment: What to Expect

When a marketing and content strategy agency delves into your digital landscape assessment, we look at a few things.

  • Your active consumers’ behaviors and the type of business you have (is it B2B or B2C?)
  • Examination of the people or entities that your consumers follow and evaluation of your brand’s presence.

The sum of these collected data helps Solé provide you with a custom plan and suggestions to start fine-tuning your social media activities to effectively reach new audiences.

Evaluating Your Target Audience

What drives the purchase decisions of your audience or interact online? The digital landscape assessment helps a marketing agency identify these factors. When you connect your business objectives with the needs (or pain points) of your customers, you can effectively tailor your content, email marketing and social media efforts to get the best results.


For any business, branding relates to how recognizable your company are. It’s more than just your company name or logo, it also about what ideas are associated with it. The digital landscape assessment will help you learn what consumers think about your brand as well as how effectively and consistently the varied marketing efforts (email. website, social media) are communicating your brand promise.

Email Marketing

Email marketing still provides real ROI: 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase in 2015 as a result of an email marketing message. Some research estimates that email marketing has an ROI of 4,300%. But a lot goes into having an effective email marketing strategy. It’s important to look into list segmentation, copywriting, applied conversion tactics to boost open rates, click-through rates and ensuring that they are mobile friendly. In fact, 48% of all emails are opened on mobile devices!

Digital Advertising

Capture Leads, Generate Sales, Find New Customers Online

From Snapchat geofilters, to Facebook/ Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube, digital advertising has exploded as a marketing tool.

Everything about how we engage with our customers and sell to them is changing, in large part due to technology and the internet. We now have the ability to capture scores of relevant information about our customers, fans, followers, and friends—and use that information to interact with customers in new ways.

Building your business through online marketing is essential in today’s competitive and increasingly digital marketplace. If you’re thinking of generating an internet marketing campaign or want to freshen up your online marketing efforts, Solé Marketing can help.

Social Media

Forget small talk. Let’s build relationships. We know social. We live it. We breathe it.

We’ll help you set up one or more social media accounts for your business. If you already have, we help you optimize your existing social channels. We can then provide training and support for you to maintain the site yourself going forward or we can manage it for you.

What we’ll do

  • Discuss your requirements
  • Social Media management
  • Create or add a cover page as desired
  • Provide any required media training
  • Give you a helping hand to get started
  • Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Market Research