We’ll help you conquer search engines and send your business higher in the rankings

We work with small and medium sized businesses to help them rank higher in online searches. An integral part of this is using best practices for SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) boosts your online presence and drives organic traffic (as opposed to paid search or search engine marketing) to the website in a few ways. We achieve this by researching your product or service, evaluate the best keywords and search terms using online tools that inform the process, as well as through knowledge of SEO copywriting.

Email Marketing

Did you knowThere are 3X more email accounts than there are Facebook and Twitter accounts combined!

It’s one of the most powerful and personal ways of connecting with your customers. Because people opt-in to receive your emails, it means you’ve earned a connection to people who want to hear from you. With the wave of integration in Email Marketing Services like MailChimp being melded into customer relationship management (CRM’s ) and enterprise resource planning suites.

With E-mail marketing being central to mobile marketing strategies, we’ll help you develop a winning email strategy.

Digital Marketing

Capture Leads, Generate Sales, Find  New Customers Online

Everything about how we engage with our customers and sell to them is changing, in large part due to technology and the internet. We now have the ability to capture scores of relevant information about our customers, fans, followers, and friends—and use that information to interact with customers in new ways.

Building your business through online marketing is essential in today’s competitive and increasingly digital marketplace. If you’re thinking of generating an internet marketing campaign or want to freshen up your online marketing efforts, Brandaid22 can help.

Social Media 

Forget small talk. Let’s build relationships. We know social. We live it. We breathe it.

We’ll help you set up one or more social media accounts for your business. If you already have, we help you optimize your existing social channels. We can then provide training and support for you to maintain the site yourself going forward or we can manage it for you (See our Content Management section below).

What we’ll do

  • Discuss your requirements
  • Social Media management
  • Create the site and add your business information
  • Create or add a cover page as desired
  • Provide any required media training
  • Give you a helping hand to get started
  • Pay Per Click
  • Content Marketing
  • Market Research

Our Process

First, we consult with your company to learn about the obstacles you face with social media as it relates to your sales process and brand identity.

Then, we recommend a user centered strategy package that best fits your needs and budget. After we set the right monthly program, we devise a strategic plan to leverage your social media channels as valuable tools for sales. Finally, we put the plan into action to drive success.