What is Social Media Marketing?

Like every marketing agency out there, we have a specialty – social media marketing.  The term social media is itself a catch-all term for sites (social platforms) that provide radically different social actions. For instance, Snapchat (now called Snap) is designed for people to share short, ephemeral videos called snaps. The social platform’s growth has seen several big brands, large and small, rush to the platform.  While other’s like Twitter let you share short updates with others and it does make a great tool to add to your customer service.

With mobile and social media continuing to gain dominance as sources from which we get news, editorial, reviews, and opinion, it’s important to have the right strategy for your social media marketing.

Today Public Relations and Social media mesh together and are at the forefront of the planning process.

As marketers, we understand how complex and data-driven social media marketing is. For starters, we live and breathe social media: it’s all about nurturing connections to drive ROI. Web visitors, blog links, Twitter mentions, Facebook fans, Instagram are all connections whose numbers are worth measuring.

But numbers are just half the story. Sentiment–what percentage of mentions about your brand are positive vs negative? Which direction is your social media marketing effort pushing the sentiment needle: positively or negatively? To do this, we focus on helping you reach the right audience with the right content to boost your SROI–social return on investment.

What We Do

  • Social Listening & Social Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Animation & Digital Video
  • Social Platform Selection & Development
  • Community management
  • Strategic Partnerships